The Beauty of a Handwoven Gift.

Image of a gift wrapped in brown paper with a sparkly gold ribbon around it.

‘Tis the season for many people to be at the loom, frantically weaving “a few more shots”, in order to complete a project in time for holiday gifting. No matter what holiday you celebrate, you are likely deep in the planning, weaving, and finishing stages of one or more (many more, for some!) projects. You […]

How to choose colors that stay bright in handwoven cloth

One of the challenges in weaving is brilliantly colored yarns that turn into a dull color when woven together. This can produce fascinating results…but very often, it’s not what you anticipated or wanted. If this is happening to you, how do you choose colors avoid getting “muddy” cloth? It turns out to be quite simple. […]

Tien’s Top 10 – Books on Color in Weaving

Looking for study resources? Here are Tien’s top ten books for studying color in weaving, visual design, and the design process. Color Theory Color and Fiber, by Patricia Lambert, Barbara Staepelare, and Mary G. Fry. The best book available about color in the fiber arts, it covers color theory extensively and discusses how each aspect […]

How to ice dye yarns for beautiful, unique weaving

Ice dyeing is a fun and easy summer project that requires very little room, time and equipment. The results are delightfully unpredictable and never the same! How it works: Ice dyeing is done with cellulose fiber such as cotton, linen, hemp, and rayon using fiber-reactive dyes. Silk can also be used, but colors will impact […]


Pride frequently gets a bad “rap,” confused with arrogance. But it’s essential to a creative life.

What four prides will power up your weaving? Read on.

Sampling: It’s not what you think

Swatch Composite

Few topics seem more divisive for weavers than sampling. Some people love weaving samples, others hate it.

But sampling isn’t just weaving swatches of cloth!