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Learning Path Three 

(December 2023-April 2024) Boosting Twills: from Commonplace to Fabulous

In this learning path, you’ll learn to push twills from simple to amazing.


In this Learning Path, you’ll start modifying twills more radically. You’ll learn to create woven shading and shifting areas of color mixing in your cloth, simply by changing the tie-up and treadling. If you have extra shafts, you’ll learn to create complex loom-controlled designs to combine twills with different shading.

You’ll discover how to shift twill angles and create subtle curves. Finally, you’ll master turned or block twills.

In color and visual design, you’ll learn to combine woven shading and twill curves with color stripes to create intriguing cloth. You’ll also get amazing twill color recipes to make it easier to design with your newly created twills.

You’ll discover how to dye and design with painted warps.

You’ll learn to break out of the linear box to design and weave graphic elements using a cartoon and weaver-controlled techniques. Combine this with a painted warp and watch magic happen!

Rigid Heddle weavers will find the following classes helpful:

  • Make shapes in 2/1 twills by designing with cartoon and pick
  • Master indirect warping on the rigid heddle loom – both back to front and front to back.
  • Dyeing painted warps
  • Designing with painted warps


Note that there may be changes to Learning Path Three as we continue planning and get feedback from members on content and pace. We love our members and want to make sure you’re happy!