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A New Way to Explore The World of Weaving

Weaving is a beautifully complicated craft.

There are a million and one ways to design a piece of fabric, and a million and one ways to end up with muddy colors and a tangled mess.

Before, the only ways to learn were through books, videos, and solitary classes. And then it was just you, alone at the loom, struggling through problems you weren’t quite sure how to solve.

Our goal is to get you to the loom, designing and weaving your own projects with confidence.

Short courses all integrated within a larger picture

Live online events to connect with fellow weavers across the globe

Discussion forums for feedback on your designs and questions

Student galleries give unlimited inspiration and ideas for your next project

Hone Your Craft

Our courses are built to be what you need, when you need it, all in a unique approach that makes it easy to learn and practice design.

Short, easily digestible classes are regularly added each month, with live teacher support.

Comprehensive curriculum supporting all aspects of weaving: color & fabric design, drafting, weave structure, technique, process, and more

Hands-on learning with projects you design and create, putting what you learn directly into practice

Discuss a specific class in a forum and show off your work in photo galleries

Follow Your Curiosity

Each step of weaving creates more questions, threads to follow, and discoveries to be made.
Go on, try something new. We’ll be there to get you past any hurdle.

See hundreds of projects from other members to find inspiration in class photo galleries

See hundreds of projects from other members to find inspiration in class photo galleries

Find a mentor or the answer to a tricky question in our always-on forums and live virtual meetups

Quickly get answers to commonly asked questions with our online Weaver’s Toolbox

Quickly get answers to commonly asked questions with our online Weaver’s Toolbox

Connect With Your Creativity

Weaving is more fun when you’re connected with others.
We’re the place to go to get inspiration, peer support,
and the tools needed to help move your designs forward.

Courses that teach you why, not just how, so you can easily integrate the concepts into your own projects

Trust projects you design will end up how you imagined through community support every step of the way

Gather constructive feedback in our carefully monitored culture of supportive problem- solving

What makes the Handweaving Academy special to me is that it’s an affordable means to continue receiving instruction, gain knowledge and improve my weaving skills.  I especially like the forums and being able to exchange ideas with other weavers.

I would say that the Academy is for the weaver who wants to learn to design their own product, work at their own speed, and engage with other weavers to share knowledge and ideas. Instructions are very clear and the team of instructors are superb!
Mary Dyer
You ladies have put a lot of work into this site and it’s amazing!  Please let all know who are involved in designing, writing, etc.of the academy that you have created an incredible resource. I wish I knew more weavers to let them know of the academy.
Joanna Thomasma
As a newer weaver, The Handweaving Academy is exactly what I needed to continue on my weaving journey.  The color lessons are my favorite so far! Tien is able to break down her mastery of color into easy to understand lessons with practice exercises that help you design on your own.
Cindy Culbertson
I love that I can read, and reread. I love that I can do one or more lessons or stop in the middle, and come back later, or skip a portion and go on, and come back eventually.

It’s great you are coming at this from so many directions. Written words, pictures, the video clips. And for me I learn a lot by doing. So I’ve really appreciated the live color editor exercises. You don’t just tell me how, you let me try it!

New Techniques, Fresh Ideas, Reliable Support

We do so much more than offer top-quality courses at The Handweaving Academy—each and every course connects back to a larger curriculum, has class-specific forums, and photo galleries for members to show their work. Come join us!

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Monthly Design Help online get-togethers with your peers
Monthly Weaving Help group meetings with fellow weavers
14-day refund policy!




Save more than 15% with an annual plan at $299/yr
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Live Lectures with both Tien & Janet
Live Q&As with both Tien & Janet
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Design Sessions with Tien every other month
Recordings and transcripts of ALL past Premium Webinars
About us

You Don’t Have To Figure It Out Alone

Besides a global community of weavers, you have us, Tien and Janet, in your corner.

Tien Chiu

My specialty is visual design and the design process. I’m particularly known for color in weaving – I’ve spent a decade studying it, weaving hundreds of swatches and dyeing over 2,500 samples to master the subject.

But what really gets me excited is teaching. I’ve taught over 15,000 students about color in weaving, and their excitement when they catch on and create something beautiful is the most wonderful thing I can imagine.

Janet Dawson

I’m a weaver, a teacher, a writer, and an editor. This combination is my superpower: I not only get this stuff, but I also explain it well and write about it clearly.

Over the last 23 years, I’ve taught over 18,000 students in my classes, in person and online.

I live for that instant when a student gets that “Aha!” look – when everything begins to “click” for the first time.

Tien and Janet are instructors extraordinaire.  I appreciate the breadth of material presented, the creativity used in developing The Handweaving Academy website and the thoroughness in “weaving” together the various lessons for each course.  It is wonderful to be able to connect with other weavers via the discussion groups and forums and I love all of the “eye candy” shown in the sample weavings from academy members.

The Handweaving Academy definitely provides a valuable learning experience.
Linda Hayes
During the isolation of COVID I was lucky enough to be offered the chance to join the Handweaving Academy. It was the best move ever!

The support students receive via ZOOM meetings and courses and forums means one can have the support of a Guild while being alone. The knowledge of the teachers is phenomenal and their willingness to help is a true virtue and credit to the Academy. The site is easy to negotiate, and offers the chance to move from the mundane to amazing creativity.

I am pleased to be part of this weaving community and to continue to be part of it.
I see the Handweaving Academy as my “Guild”, a great “go  to” place for information, inspiration and learning, where participants and instructors exchange many ideas and tips.

The classes are very well organized, encompassing various aspects of working with color and weaving structure, and then bringing them together to a final project at the end.  The instructors, Tien and Janet, are extremely helpful guiding us along the way.

I would recommend the Academy classes to any weaver, even those with only basic weaving knowledge, who would like to learn how to use color and weaving structures to achieve the most out of their woven projects.  I tried one of their Weave-Alongs and was blown away!  I could have used this kind of instruction years ago.
Sonia Kamel

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