Scale: How it can turn your designs from muddy to magnificent

Sometimes creating handwoven fabrics feels like wrestling mischievous imps. A project that looks gorgeous in the initial sketch, or in a weaving software simulation, turns into a muddy mess when woven. A garment that looked great while you were sewing it blurs into shapelessness from across the room. Figuring out what happened can feel hopeless. […]

Design with me: Kathy’s Snow Dyed Warp, Part 4!

In the past three weeks, you have joined me while I designed a project that would highlight my favourite (so far) snow dyed warp. We have talked about how I chose the colours, and dyed the warp in Part 1, some of the tricks I use when beaming a warp like this in Part 2, […]

Design with me: Kathy’s Snow Dyed Warp, Part 3

Welcome back to the Design With Me blog series! In Part 1, I selected colors and dyed my painted warp. In Part 2, I put the warp chains in order and beamed the warp, explaining my special method for warping without a cross and for getting out tangles. Today I’m excited about choosing a draft […]

Design with me: Kathy’s Snow Dyed Warp – Part 1

A pile of warp chains in a random mix of colours that include blues, purples, lime, rusty reds, and a few other variations of those.

Hi Weaving Friends! I have had a warp sitting in a bin for a while (OK, I will ‘fess up, I dyed this warp in February 2023), and I FINALLY have time to weave it up.  I thought that it would be fun to have you join me, as I go through the design process […]

Handwovens and Scale

Multiple pattern scales can be used intentionally to create pieces that transform as you walk up to them. It’s particularly important for fashion show garments or wall hangings, which are apt to be seen from both close and far away, but even with accessories such as scarves or shawls, you can create pieces that will […]

Card Wrap Adventures

Image of a card warp with blue, magenta, yellow, and orange stripes

I am the first one to admit that in the past, I have avoided creating card wraps. I was never quite sure WHY, but every time I had the opportunity to use them, I would essentially turn into an overgrown toddler, stamp my feet, and say “I DON’T WANT TO”. Time has passed, and through […]

How to choose colors that stay bright in handwoven cloth

One of the challenges in weaving is brilliantly colored yarns that turn into a dull color when woven together. This can produce fascinating results…but very often, it’s not what you anticipated or wanted. If this is happening to you, how do you choose colors avoid getting “muddy” cloth? It turns out to be quite simple. […]

Tien’s Top 10 – Books on Color in Weaving

Looking for study resources? Here are Tien’s top ten books for studying color in weaving, visual design, and the design process. Color Theory Color and Fiber, by Patricia Lambert, Barbara Staepelare, and Mary G. Fry. The best book available about color in the fiber arts, it covers color theory extensively and discusses how each aspect […]

How to ice dye yarns for beautiful, unique weaving

Ice dyeing is a fun and easy summer project that requires very little room, time and equipment. The results are delightfully unpredictable and never the same! How it works: Ice dyeing is done with cellulose fiber such as cotton, linen, hemp, and rayon using fiber-reactive dyes. Silk can also be used, but colors will impact […]