What do you do when you can’t weave?

As I’ve been working on updating the courses for the Color Editor and its Gradients Editor, I’m also working on learning even more about the Draft Editor to put together a course on it.  This means I am taking our courses and focussing on using the Draft Editor to complete the exercises – and boy, […]

Scale: How it can turn your designs from muddy to magnificent

Sometimes creating handwoven fabrics feels like wrestling mischievous imps. A project that looks gorgeous in the initial sketch, or in a weaving software simulation, turns into a muddy mess when woven. A garment that looked great while you were sewing it blurs into shapelessness from across the room. Figuring out what happened can feel hopeless. […]

6 ways to get out of a weaving slump

Most weavers have experienced a “weaving slump”. You know – when you just can’t seem to get excited about the project on your loom, your next project, or ANY project for that matter. You might leaf through a weaving magazine without finding any project that piques your interest. You look through websites showcasing kits, but […]

Behind the scenes of a Handwoven Magazine Article

Written by Yvonne Ellsworth I recently published an article “Doubled Up Ice Dyeing” in Handwoven Spring 2024 on ice dyeing two warps at the same time. Then I designed a set of towels with the resulting warp, which became the “Call of the Crows Towels” project in the same issue. Working with Handwoven is always […]

Frustrated with your weaving? Six Strategies to help.

Sooner or later, it happens. Your warp gets tangled, you make a bunch of mistakes while threading, or you find a treadling error – after you’ve woven four more inches. Or your project colors don’t turn out as expected. What do you do when your project has you ready to pull your hair out? This […]

Design with me: Kathy’s Snow Dyed Warp, Part 4!

In the past three weeks, you have joined me while I designed a project that would highlight my favourite (so far) snow dyed warp. We have talked about how I chose the colours, and dyed the warp in Part 1, some of the tricks I use when beaming a warp like this in Part 2, […]

Design with me: Kathy’s Snow Dyed Warp, Part 3

Welcome back to the Design With Me blog series! In Part 1, I selected colors and dyed my painted warp. In Part 2, I put the warp chains in order and beamed the warp, explaining my special method for warping without a cross and for getting out tangles. Today I’m excited about choosing a draft […]

Design with me: Kathy’s Snow Dyed Warp, Part 2

Multi colored warp chains laid at an angle to the frame of the image

Last week, I explained my dye process and showed the warp I’ll be working with. This week I beamed the warp, so follow along with me and learn: First I needed to decide what order I wanted the chains in.  Because I “winged it” for this warp, without much planning, I did not take the […]

Design with me: Kathy’s Snow Dyed Warp – Part 1

A pile of warp chains in a random mix of colours that include blues, purples, lime, rusty reds, and a few other variations of those.

Hi Weaving Friends! I have had a warp sitting in a bin for a while (OK, I will ‘fess up, I dyed this warp in February 2023), and I FINALLY have time to weave it up.  I thought that it would be fun to have you join me, as I go through the design process […]

Weaving Resolutions – and some alternatives

I have just returned from a family trip, and while I was avoiding the mountain of laundry that needs to be washed getting back into my routines, I spent some time browsing through the Academy. I noticed that in each members’ profile, there is a section titled “weaving goals”. This piqued my curiosity so I […]