Weaving = a clean(er) house

OK, I admit it. Housekeeping is not my favourite (or even tenth favourite) activity. I can think of LOTS of things that I would rather do than clean or tidy. But I do it a lot more frequently now that I weave. When I sit down to design a warp, I first need to tidy […]

How to measure YPP or MPKG without a yarn balance

If you don’t have a yarn balance you can determine yards per pound (YPP) or meters per kilogram (MPKG) of a yarn by measuring a known length and extrapolating from its weight. A short length is bound to be too light for most scales to weigh accurately, so the best approach is to wind yourself […]

Burn tests: How to identify the fiber content of a mystery yarn

If you’d like to figure out the fiber content of a mystery yarn, the quickest and easiest approach is to do a burn test. A burn test is just what it sounds like: you light a piece of yarn on fire and record the results. Things to watch for include: You’ll find any number of […]

Peer Support: A Member’s Experience

When Tien and Janet conceived the Academy, one of the most important parts was creating a weaving community where everyone is welcome. A place where everyone can share, learn, and create with each other. One of the ways that the Academy fosters this sense of community, and connection, is through our bi-weekly Peer Support sessions. […]

Behind the scenes of a Handwoven Magazine Article

Written by Yvonne Ellsworth I recently published an article “Doubled Up Ice Dyeing” in Handwoven Spring 2024 on ice dyeing two warps at the same time. Then I designed a set of towels with the resulting warp, which became the “Call of the Crows Towels” project in the same issue. Working with Handwoven is always […]

A handwoven RAG??

As I am aging and getting better at collecting years, I find that I am less results-oriented in my fiber work. I no longer care so much if things take a lot of time or a little, or how many things I finish each year. Maybe it’s that time feels different now, or maybe it’s […]

How to use any reed, for any Sett.

There are lots of denting charts online (often called reed or sett substitution charts) but in my opinion a chart just doesn’t cut it. For one thing, there are often entries missing. Want to know how to get 22 EPI in a 10 dent reed, or 17 EPI in an 9 dent reed? Good luck […]

Meet Dawn, our tech support, and so much more!

Dawn is our resident tech support, class, and Color Editor guru, as well as being a weaver and fiber enthusiast. Working with her, I have come to realize that this fantastic person is kind, intelligent, funny, loving, creative, and a darn good friend. Read on to hear more about her, in her own words. ~ […]

Janet Dawson, the coast to coast weaver

Janet Dawson isn’t just a weaving teacher and Academy co-founder. She’s a woman with colorful hair, on a mission to teach weavers how to design gorgeous work!

Discover the “real” Janet!

All Looms are Good Looms

The Handweaving Academy puts aside the idea of a loom hierarchy in which some looms are superior to others.