A handwoven RAG??

As I am aging and getting better at collecting years, I find that I am less results-oriented in my fiber work. I no longer care so much if things take a lot of time or a little, or how many things I finish each year. Maybe it’s that time feels different now, or maybe it’s […]

How to ice dye yarns for beautiful, unique weaving

Ice dyeing is a fun and easy summer project that requires very little room, time and equipment. The results are delightfully unpredictable and never the same! How it works: Ice dyeing is done with cellulose fiber such as cotton, linen, hemp, and rayon using fiber-reactive dyes. Silk can also be used, but colors will impact […]

Sewing with your handwoven fabric

Sewing your own weaving can be intimidating – it can be hard to know where to start. Get solid, practical advice for sewing with handwoven fabrics!

All Looms are Good Looms

The Handweaving Academy puts aside the idea of a loom hierarchy in which some looms are superior to others.

Rigid heddle weaving in the Academy? YES!

rigid heddle loom in use

Are rigid heddle weavers welcome at the Academy? YES!! We have classes specifically for rigid heddle weaving, and many of our other classes work for rigid heddles.

Read on to find out more about our rigid heddle curriculum.