What to do when you haven’t got enough heddles on a shaft

A question came up in a Facebook group from a weaver who wanted to use a huck threading like this… …but she didn’t have enough heddles on Shafts 1 and 4. If she was working with a four shaft loom, she would be limited to either moving heddles, or adding repair heddles to Shafts 1 […]

Handwovens and Scale

Multiple pattern scales can be used intentionally to create pieces that transform as you walk up to them. It’s particularly important for fashion show garments or wall hangings, which are apt to be seen from both close and far away, but even with accessories such as scarves or shawls, you can create pieces that will […]

Using a Trapeze

Side view of a warping trapeze on a loom, with jugs hanging from it for weight.

This blog was written by Sue Willingham. Each year, about this time,  I’m preparing the looms in my studio for a three day class that Janet and I call “Towelapalooza”. All ten looms in my studio are pre-warped with ten different drafts, checked, and ready to weave on when folks arrive.  Since we have up […]

Card Wrap Adventures

Image of a card warp with blue, magenta, yellow, and orange stripes

I am the first one to admit that in the past, I have avoided creating card wraps. I was never quite sure WHY, but every time I had the opportunity to use them, I would essentially turn into an overgrown toddler, stamp my feet, and say “I DON’T WANT TO”. Time has passed, and through […]

A handwoven RAG??

As I am aging and getting better at collecting years, I find that I am less results-oriented in my fiber work. I no longer care so much if things take a lot of time or a little, or how many things I finish each year. Maybe it’s that time feels different now, or maybe it’s […]

Janet Dawson, the coast to coast weaver

Janet Dawson isn’t just a weaving teacher and Academy co-founder. She’s a woman with colorful hair, on a mission to teach weavers how to design gorgeous work!

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