How to calculate sett using Ashenhurst’s Rule

Need to calculate sett for an unfamiliar yarn? Ashenhurst’s Rule will help. In this blog post and its sequel, we’ll explain how Ashenhurst’s rule works and how you can apply it in your weaving. What is Ashenhurst’s Rule? Thomas R. Ashenhurst (1849-1902) was the chief instructor in weaving and pattern designing at the Bradford Technical […]

Design with me: Kathy’s Snow Dyed Warp, Part 3

Welcome back to the Design With Me blog series! In Part 1, I selected colors and dyed my painted warp. In Part 2, I put the warp chains in order and beamed the warp, explaining my special method for warping without a cross and for getting out tangles. Today I’m excited about choosing a draft […]

How to add plain weave selvedges

Draft with successful plain weave border

Have you ever seen a piece of weaving with a lovely border, then looked at the border more closely and discovered it was simple plain weave? Did you wonder why the weaver chose to add that border? The weaver may like the neat, ordered look of a plain weave border. Possibly they were looking to […]

Sewing with your handwoven fabric

Sewing your own weaving can be intimidating – it can be hard to know where to start. Get solid, practical advice for sewing with handwoven fabrics!