6 ways to get out of a weaving slump

Most weavers have experienced a “weaving slump”. You know – when you just can’t seem to get excited about the project on your loom, your next project, or ANY project for that matter. You might leaf through a weaving magazine without finding any project that piques your interest. You look through websites showcasing kits, but […]

Peer Support: A Members’ Experience

When Tien and Janet conceived the Academy, one of the most important parts was creating a weaving community where everyone is welcome. A place where everyone can share, learn, and create with each other. One of the ways that the Academy fosters this sense of community, and connection, is through our bi-weekly Peer Support sessions. […]

Behind the scenes of a Handwoven Magazine Article

Written by Yvonne Ellsworth I recently published an article “Doubled Up Ice Dyeing” in Handwoven Spring 2024 on ice dyeing two warps at the same time. Then I designed a set of towels with the resulting warp, which became the “Call of the Crows Towels” project in the same issue. Working with Handwoven is always […]

Design with me: Kathy’s Snow Dyed Warp, Part 4!

In the past three weeks, you have joined me while I designed a project that would highlight my favourite (so far) snow dyed warp. We have talked about how I chose the colours, and dyed the warp in Part 1, some of the tricks I use when beaming a warp like this in Part 2, […]

Design with me: Kathy’s Snow Dyed Warp, Part 3

Welcome back to the Design With Me blog series! In Part 1, I selected colors and dyed my painted warp. In Part 2, I put the warp chains in order and beamed the warp, explaining my special method for warping without a cross and for getting out tangles. Today I’m excited about choosing a draft […]

Design with me: Kathy’s Snow Dyed Warp, Part 2

Multi colored warp chains laid at an angle to the frame of the image

Last week, I explained my dye process and showed the warp I’ll be working with. This week I beamed the warp, so follow along with me and learn: First I needed to decide what order I wanted the chains in.  Because I “winged it” for this warp, without much planning, I did not take the […]

Design with me: Kathy’s Snow Dyed Warp – Part 1

A pile of warp chains in a random mix of colours that include blues, purples, lime, rusty reds, and a few other variations of those.

Hi Weaving Friends! I have had a warp sitting in a bin for a while (OK, I will ‘fess up, I dyed this warp in February 2023), and I FINALLY have time to weave it up.  I thought that it would be fun to have you join me, as I go through the design process […]

Weaving Resolutions – and some alternatives

I have just returned from a family trip, and while I was avoiding the mountain of laundry that needs to be washed getting back into my routines, I spent some time browsing through the Academy. I noticed that in each members’ profile, there is a section titled “weaving goals”. This piqued my curiosity so I […]

Colour your Heddles!

Have you ever started threading a project, and JUUUUST  before you finish, you realise that you don’t have enough heddles on one or more shafts? This can happen for a few reasons. You might have made a mistake in your threading, or an error in your calculations. Most likely though, you made an error in […]

Card Wrap Adventures

Image of a card warp with blue, magenta, yellow, and orange stripes

I am the first one to admit that in the past, I have avoided creating card wraps. I was never quite sure WHY, but every time I had the opportunity to use them, I would essentially turn into an overgrown toddler, stamp my feet, and say “I DON’T WANT TO”. Time has passed, and through […]