Card Wrap Adventures

Image of a card warp with blue, magenta, yellow, and orange stripes

I am the first one to admit that in the past, I have avoided creating card wraps. I was never quite sure WHY, but every time I had the opportunity to use them, I would essentially turn into an overgrown toddler, stamp my feet, and say “I DON’T WANT TO”. Time has passed, and through […]

The Beauty of a Handwoven Gift.

Image of a gift wrapped in brown paper with a sparkly gold ribbon around it.

‘Tis the season for many people to be at the loom, frantically weaving “a few more shots”, in order to complete a project in time for holiday gifting. No matter what holiday you celebrate, you are likely deep in the planning, weaving, and finishing stages of one or more (many more, for some!) projects. You […]

Meet Dawn, our tech support, and so much more!

Dawn is our resident tech support, class, and Color Editor guru, as well as being a weaver and fiber enthusiast. Working with her, I have come to realize that this fantastic person is kind, intelligent, funny, loving, creative, and a darn good friend. Read on to hear more about her, in her own words. ~ […]

Save your selvedges!

It isn’t unusual to hear a weaver say “My selvedge(s) keep fraying and breaking!” This is an issue that often is caused by a combination of yarn/weave/threading that results in the outermost thread on one side of the warp slowly unplying, while the twin thread on the other side of the warp is slowly plying […]

Fixing your floats

At some point in your weaving life, you will take a piece of fabric from the loom, then sigh when you notice that there is an error in it in the form of a float that shouldn’t be there. Don’t be too worried about it, it happens to the best of us, and for some, […]

How to add plain weave selvedges

Draft with successful plain weave border

Have you ever seen a piece of weaving with a lovely border, then looked at the border more closely and discovered it was simple plain weave? Did you wonder why the weaver chose to add that border? The weaver may like the neat, ordered look of a plain weave border. Possibly they were looking to […]

Tips for Counting Your Warp Ends

How do you count your warp ends? Here are six tips for getting the count right every time. No more coming up a few threads short!

Janet Dawson, the coast to coast weaver

Janet Dawson isn’t just a weaving teacher and Academy co-founder. She’s a woman with colorful hair, on a mission to teach weavers how to design gorgeous work!

Discover the “real” Janet!

Weaving stripes, quickly and easily

Previously, we discussed one method of weaving single shot stripes. These skinny little accents can add a lot of interest to a piece, and can be very much worth the little bit of extra time needed to make them beautiful. However, some of us (*ahem* me) tend to be more on the “go big” side […]

Single shot stripes – how to start and end them

Single shot stripes can be a very effective design tool. They add drama, and sometimes a pop of colour that will draw your eye, and make the design more exciting. They are also a great way to use up small amounts of leftover yarn that is hanging around on bobbins. Some weavers hesitate to use […]